Histoire naturelle des cétacées, 1804

Linotype operator, 1947

Comic Insects, 1872

What to Draw and How to Draw It

Thanks, Wikipedia!

The Big Changes

Regulation: There’ll be more

Postlight employees in an absolutely unstaged photo just casually playing our game without any prompting from management

It’s nice to see two acronyms make friends

Illustration by Stephen Carlson

“We are trying to connect our content to our funnel.”

  • “At least before July the whole focus is getting our actual customers to attend the big conference, but you’d have no idea from the website.”
  • “We swore a solemn…

The media paid close attention to #blacklivesmatter, and media accounts used the hashtag in rough proportion to how often it appeared in the larger twittersphere.

Stages of Man’s Life from the Cradle to the Grave

Paul Ford

CEO, https://postlight.com, a digital product studio in NYC. Also writer, Medium advisor, programmer. Any port in a storm, especially ports 80 and 443.

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