• David Crespo

    David Crespo

  • Rachel Sussman

    Rachel Sussman

    Itinerant artist w/ penchant for science, philosophy & deep time. Guggenheim Fellow. TED speaker. Climate Leader. Author, Oldest Living Things: @OLTW

  • Wendy Cong

    Wendy Cong

  • Imani Dlamini

    Imani Dlamini

  • OldManNana


    A Creative Innovator, a BIG Thinker. A Kanye West, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos N Thomas Edilson FAN. A Writer | Concepts | Visionary GUY. I am OLD, #Vintage

  • Vilma Martinkienė

    Vilma Martinkienė

  • Lou Arruda

    Lou Arruda

    Just another anime/gamer geek coder who is also an aviation nut and pilot wannabe.

  • Lita Lit

    Lita Lit

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