Postlight: Our Mission & Our Values

1. Our Mission

We aspire to:

  • Create an enriching culture
  • Think independently
  • Let ethics guide
  • Drive with design
  • Excel at our crafts
  • Lead in our disciplines
  • Empower people who use our work
  • Disrupt what’s entrenched

2. Our Values

Part I. For Ourselves

We love our work for the challenges it brings and the change it creates.

Part II. For Our Clients

We are an advocate and partner.
Seek to create relationships of mutual trust. Advocate for our clients and support them. Act with integrity and stay aligned with the broader interest of the client. Give the best advice you can, and never disparage a client outside of Postlight.

Part III. For the World

We act as part of a network.
Promote our clients. Promote community members. Promote people who need a job. Promote the work of your coworkers. Support people who need some help. Offer our space for events. Openly and freely share skills and expertise.



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