I…agree! I can definitely see that the current problems are the artifacts of some pretty big structural issues around product management. The thing that drives me crazy is that there’s just no sense of overall quality; it feels like all the widgets are at war. I’ve had the same person in my “want to connect” dropdown for six months. I can’t accept that person’s request. The notification counts seem to be random. Etc. And so no matter how good the UX is, no matter how good the engineering and product—and there are some excellent people there—the overall product seems content to have achieved cultural lock-in. Now that there’s an outcome with Microsoft I can see that changing, and fast; for all their weird issues, MSFT is never restless and they are not fans of things that are simply…broken. It’s going to be interesting and I hope that the right people get empowered to do good work in this transition.

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