1. From Manhattan, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn. Take a right, then a right through the park, then get on the A train to go back to Manhattan.
  2. Take the Staten Island Ferry. Get off in Staten Island and get back on.
  3. See the area around the WTC — people seem to be able to make more sense of everything when they see /where/ it all happened.
  4. Eat in Chinatown. Just pick any place with a few people in it; you’ll be fine. There are some nice junky shops in Chinatown, too.
  5. Take the subway everywhere if you can.
  6. Want to do a museum? Get the Cloisters bus at Penn Station — the M4. You see about 10 miles of Manhattan out the window, through the Upper East Side and Harlem, all the way to the top of things. Get your Medieval History Fix, then you can get into the Met for free if you want. Ask the guards at the Cloisters how to get anywhere after, they’re glad to help. But this will eat up like 6–7 hours, getting up there, going to the museum, and escaping.
  7. Ask for directions. 90% of the people like to help you find things, and are proud of their subway/transit knowledge.
  8. Walk through Times Square, just to see, then up to Central Park.
  9. Hang out in Central Park.
  10. One side of Central Park: Natural History Museum. The other side: The Met. Pick a side.
  11. If you’re visiting friends, tell them they don’t have to go with you to museums or anything suchlike, just have them pt you in the right direction. Because none of us can stand the Met anymore or MOMA but we feel obligated to go. What NYCers tend to want to do is 1) go to a bar; 2) go to dinner; 3) go for a walk and look at miscellaneous stuff. Or a combination of the three.
  12. Drink a beer in Brooklyn, if you can.
  13. That’s it. Ask any questions you wish to ask, I’ll do my best.

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