Big Data, Small Effort

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  1. It’s a real API. You can explore the results with a mouse—and you can export them as JSON. You could use this to power “live” apps and visualizations. It’s open to everyone by default. No API access keys. Just start hacking.
  2. It’s tweetable. Interesting queries are just links, and they’ll fit right into tweets. So it’s super-easy to share the results of your explorations with humans.
  3. It’s read-only and limits CPU usage. The whole system is constructed so that people can do anything they want but not write anything to your system. And there’s only so long a query will run before the system times out (but you can adjust that, too). This means that it’s pretty hard for people to take advantage of you and your servers—good behavior is enforced.
  4. It’s decentralized. Anyone can publish any data from anywhere. It’s not one big monolithic data mart or an attempt to consolidate all data into one big platform. Rather, it’s a way to take your data and share it with anyone on the Internet, or just explore it yourself, with almost no effort.

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CEO,, a digital product studio in NYC. Also writer, Medium advisor, programmer. Any port in a storm, especially ports 80 and 443.

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